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Friday, November 12, 2010

Start Thinking about 2011 Prom Fashion Designers and Prom Dresses: Here Are Some Hot Prom Web Sites

Couture designers are planning to stylize 2011 prom dresses and gowns with enduring fashion of the time with capturing designs. Though strapless attires are the all time favorites but designer gowns especially those with layering done on them will continue to grace the racks of retail shops and online stores in 2010 as well. The latest in prom fashion include strapless 2010 prom dresses including the halter favorites and the open back dresses in the hottest spring colors including the metallics. Detail is the key to dressing up a mini frock, so go for pretty bows or fun ruffles. Ruffle is the style in prom dresses for that glam touch crafted on short length dresses along with bow adornments. In the fabric range Satin Charmeuse, Organza and Organdy, Shimmer Satin and Silks are the favorites.
When browsing through the long list of available prom gowns and dresses for 2010 that have already gone online, there are many decisions to make. The size, length, cut, style, and color are all there to concentrate upon before going for your buy. The perfect dress with a great silhouette, fit and hue can make you the center of attraction. The popular styles are ball gown silhouetted 2011 prom dresses, floral embellished outfits and bright colored prom gowns styled with ruffles and intricate bead work. The sexy necklines along with big necklaces look good but try not to wear a necklace for a more astonishing sexy look......

Go to to find more info. offers all kinds of prom fashion and haute couture too. offers the following info, "Sixteen Candles offers thousands of 2011 Prom Dresses. There is a wide sections of Long Dresses, Short Cocktail Gowns, Pageant Dresses, Evening Gowns, Mermaid Styles, Ball Gowns and High Low styles which is the newest fashion trend for the 2011 Prom Season. We offer the hottest and most fashionable styles from the top designers in the Prom industry. There are thousands of different styles, colors and sizes available to choose from. Lovely prints and solids and many different types of gorgeous fabrics. Be sure to order your Prom dress early! We are proud to be a Top 10 Prom Store for the 2011 Prom Season. Our website is like a cool book of every Prom dress that you have ever dreamed of and Sixteen Candles is where you can make a wish and your dress will come true."

Here is what is saying about 2011 Prom: "The 2011 Prom

It does not matter how beautiful your prom dress looks on a mannequin or model if the dress is not suited for your body style; it will simply not flatter you. That does not mean you can’t find the perfect prom dress, it just means that you will look most beautiful in a dress that is meant for you, and that means understanding a little bit about fashion and complementary styles. Some of the top 10 prom dresses, such as the A-line dress, are able to complement most body shapes and sizes. A-line dresses are typically form-fitting in the body and then flare into a full skirt from the waist. A-line dresses can vary in length and you can adjust your body style by playing with different colors and patterns. Solid colors can be slimming while vivid prints tend to be bolder. Patterns can also give shape and definition to taller figures while solids can elongate the petite. Most girls who dream of the Cinderella ball gown can have their night at the ball. Ball Gowns are formal prom dresses that complement every body shape except for the petite girl. Petite girls can get lost in all of the ruffles and tiers that normally drape a true ball gown. Don’t worry; if you’re petite there is a special dress for you that will help you outshine everyone else at the prom (See Empire prom gowns and Sheath Prom gowns below!) Ball gowns can have different bodices to complement the small busted or the large busted and with different options for halter dresses or strapless dresses you can complement your body frame perfectly. Empire prom gowns are ideal for petite girls and tall girls alike. An empire prom dress can give you a larger bust-line appearance and elongate your waistline. Petite girls can also elongate their appearance by playing with different hem lengths and choosing shorter dresses to look taller. Give an added appearance of a longer body by choosing sweetheart necklines or halter prom dresses."

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The 81st Oscar Annual Ceremony Fashion Event: Oscar Gowns, Oscar Dresses and More

Find the List of 2009 Oscar Winners and Losers right here

Find Hot Oscar Fashion, Look-alikes and Replicates by ABS and others

>>>>>>>>>If you want to see more of these gorgeous dresses and gowns, go to,,

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Living with Autism: How to live with autistic family members

Living with a disabled family member can be stressful for a number of reasons. The cause of autism is a highly debated subject. The most commonly accepted cause of Autism now is that it is genetic. It is thought that the genes have a later onset of action, than is seen in other genetic disorders. Working with a family it is important to take all interactions into account these include: parent/child, parent/parent, parent/disabled child, child/disabled child, child/child. The family may come in with the Autistic child as the identified patient, however it is important to work with the family on all of their goals and hear all of their stories. Specific tactics for working with family members of someone who is Autistic are:

 It is important for the therapist to take a psychoeducational role regarding the child’s disorder. This will require that the therapist determine the family’s current level of knowledge regarding the child’s disorder and attempt to increase their knowledge from there.
 Be sure that the family understands the Autistic child’s need for structure. It is important that the family does not engage the child in a power struggle, structuring the family time will lead to decreased stress on the family overall.
 Encourage family members to educate others in the community about the child’s disorder. This will help in allowing for adaptation of the child’s surroundings.
 Focus on discussions with the parents and possible journaling that will assist them in determining what the child’s triggers are. These triggers have many similarities such as a crowded space, loud noises, overpowering odors. However, triggers are different for all Autistic people.
 Discuss with the family developing anchoring cues. These must be tried out to find one that the child can accept. This usually involves touching a child in a way that they can tolerate to return their focus to the task at hand.

 Autistic children often mimic phrases said and behaviors seen. This can be to the family’s benefit. Encourage the family to model appropriate behaviors in a variety of social settings. In therapy this can be practiced through roleplay.
 Take time out for couples work. The couple is the base of the family and the extreme stress that can be brought on by having a child with a disability can cause a breakdown in the couple relationship.
 Take time to address the concerns of the siblings. Their relationship with the disabled child is different from other sibling relationships. Often siblings may be angry because of the time and changes that the disabled child requires. This anger can then lead to guilt, for being angry at a sick family member. It is important to allow the children to tell their story of what it is like for them at home.
 There are positives that can be built upon with families who have disabled children. It is important to find positives and reinforce them. Many positives are that these families are warm, compassionate, and show an increased tolerance for others.
 It is important also to link the family with community resources that are available. This can help with normalization and provide the family with an important social support system that will last well beyond therapy session.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

BeautyFora, BeautyPhora, Beauty Fauna:

Avoid being in a rush to get into a prom store. Most prom shop owners will allow you to come in group to shop. Or they can block some time when your party can freely shop. At the same time, they also offer customized services and keep track of all the dresses and gowns sold to young women attending a specific school. This way, you will not have to be surprised by another prom girl wearing the same dress as you. On prom night, you should be unique. Your dress should be one of a kind too. Now prom hair is something that requires lots of attention. You may want to make an appointment with your beautician. Tanning is becoming more and more popular in various milieus. But in the Hamptons, the Carolinas, California and Florida, tanning is part of the whole prom preparation. Remember that your prom bill will include items such as dress, tuxedo, limo, tanning, beauty parlor, dinner, invitation materials, corsage, boutonniere, tickets to the dance, shoes, shawls, purses, jewelry, hairstyling, visits to salons, hiring of Sephora makeup specialist, manicures, pedicures, professional photo albums etc.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Prom Planning is Year Round

As prom season overlaps with wedding season, many store owners are pretty busy. So are their employees who are moving around the store for hours. In order to shop with ease, find out about the store's new schedule. Many shop owners find it necessary to extend their hours in the evenings. Some even open on Sundays in order to accommodate the greatest amount of teenagers possible. For 12 prom nights out of the year, dress shops, limo services, limo drivers, caterers, flower shops and many other ancillary businesses are very busy. A new phenomenon that arises with the arrival of the H2 Hummer superstretch limo which can carry 16 passengers. Get ready for the cost. Some limo services are known to rent them for $200 per hour. If you do not want to be placed on a waiting list, once again make your reservation very early. Depending on where you live, there is a specific month or time of the year when prom dates, brides and bridesmaids will bump into each other at local stores. For us around here, the whole month of May is hectic at the dress shops. Part of the getting-ready process is to consider some time for tryouts. Do not wait until prom night to become all teary about the length of your dress. Make sure you made appointments with a dress alteration shopkeeper. If you are lucky enough to know a mother who is good at sewing, then get her to work on altering your prom dress. Keep in mind that dress alterations workers are rare. Depending on where you live, you may not have anybody to do this specific work for you. Be ready to pay them. They charge between $30 and $40 a dress. The lowest I have seen is $25.00. If you are in a bind, make sure to contact somebody at your school district. They may have a list of contacts with alteration shop owners you can tap into.

Good luck looking great on your prom night!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Top MP3 Players That Consumers Want: iPod, iRiver,, Samsung, Sony, RCA

There is no doubt that Apple's iPods dominate the market for MP3 players. In the first category of most online shops including,,, etc, you will find that the ipods. With prices ranging from $299.99 and lower, you can bargain your way through all the offerings of the ipods. What does the ipod does? It plays it all: songs, photos, video and podcasts. It features 2' 5" color display and holds up to 7,500 songs. You don't have to worry about the battery life. It can play for up to 14 hours of battery life.

According to my best friends, the second place goes to iRiver digital audio player. It comes equipped with color screen and built-in FM tuner. It holds up to 1,200 songs and has detachable rechargeable battery. I agree with them. The iRiver is top notch in quality.

I had to hold my grounds when it comes to the third place. I think it should go to Samsung 1GB flash player. It features an FM tuner and recorder, voice recorder and up to 10-hour battery life. The price is not that bad either. For $150.00, you can walk out of the store with one. So far, with $229.99, the iRiver is the second priciest MP3.

Sony may be a late comer in this now crowded field. It has the $129.99 512 MB MP3 player with built-in FM tuner that has up to 50 hours of battery life and a 3-minute quick charge for up to 3 more hours of play. But, just like any Sony's proprietary software, you may have to pay a high cost. Then, comes the cheapest MP3 player.

RCA offers 256 MB Sport MP3 player with FM tuner that holds up to 60 songs. It also features pulse rate monitor, stopwatch and up to 50-hour battery life.
for $89.99, you will be able to take one home.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bjork's 2001 Academy Awards Dress

Who does not remember the head-turner, tire-screetching, taxi-stopping dress worn by Bjork? She wore the white dress which features a ruffled feather skirt, with an imitation swan's neck draped around her neck and the bird's head resting on her bra. Since that time, many celebrities have taken to the idea of wearing dresses and outfits that would shock viewers. The Icelandic songstress knows a few things about sensationalistic fashion.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hotels and Airports with Hot Spots: High Speed Connection on the Go!

High Speed Connection to the Internet on the Go: Hotels and Airports That Keep You Wired

Once again, this holiday season, many people will leave the comfort of their home and office for distant places to visit family members and businesses. There is no need to be disconnected for the duration of the trip. There are hotels and airports that offer wireless hot spots.

Here is a partial list of hotels and airports with high-speed connection and wireless hot spots:

When I took my family to Disneyland last Easter, I had the privilege of staying at a Marriott hotel that had high-speed Internet access. It was great to check information and specially directions to some family members' residences and shopping centers.

The hotels are: Starwood Hotels ( Starwood includes Four Points, St. Regis, Sheraton, Westin, and W Hotels); Marriott Hotels ( includes courtyard, Fairfield Inn, Residence Inn, Spring Hill Suites and TownePlace Suites; Hilton Hotels (, Four Seasons Hotel, (; Fairmont Hotels, (; Choice Hotels ( which includes Clarion, Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Econo Lodge, MainStay Suites, Quality, Rodeway Inn, Sleep Inn.

The airports are: San Francisco International Airport (San Francisco); Miami International Airport (Miami),; John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York); Minneapolis-St. Paul International (Minneapolis),; Denver International Airport (Denver),; Los Angeles International Airport (Los Angeles),; Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (Dallas); O'Hare International Airport (Chicago),; Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Atlanta),

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What is Audioblog? What is Podcasting? Podshoppingblog Helps Shop for Prom & Quincenera Dresses

Podcasting allows the distribution of audio programs over the Web by using a publisher or your own web site. Podcasting can also be used by the shopping aide to help others shop for clothes, latest fashion and digital products. It is a fresh way of connecting with the consumer.

Podcasting is the latest in on-the-go, on-demand technology bringing shoppers, fashion-savvy individuals in touch with etailers, retailers and mom and pop shops all over the world. With podcasting, you can listen to Podshoppingblog's Podcasts whenever and wherever you choose. Podcasts are MP3 audio files that are automatically downloaded to your personal computer, and then transferred to an iPod or other MP3 player using a podcasting application.

With Podshoppingblog, the idea of personal shopping is taken to a higher level.

Other Podshoppingblog-related sites are:

Check out to find product reviews.

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Rolling Stones in Concert at The Save Mart Center: Truly A Bigger Bang for the Money!

The Rolling Stones Performed from a 'Bigger Bang' Album at Fresno's Save Mart Center

40 years ago, The Stones was in town. Some of the same guys, but much older and maybe a little wiser, returned to charm grandparents, grown children and grandkids. A whole generation was there at the Save Mart Center to cheer Mick Jagger and his band. Despite the steep price of the ticket, we managed to attend the concert in group. Some of us traveled from afar to attend the concert in the Central Valley.

Tickets costing $350 were sold months in advance. Back in June, they were sold in less than an hour when they went on sale. From that day on, those who wanted to attend the concert were in the hands of the scalpers who charged a high premium as the days and weeks went by. In fact, it was rumored that the Rolling Stones tickets were being auctioned on eBay and other sites such as hushstub for more than $2,000. The secondary ticket market made a sure killing. After all, the super band that defies age was coming to town. We had to have the best seats. Otherwise, we had to follow its schedule for the next performance. Nothing could distract us or keep us from attending. Not even the USC-Fresno State classic could not.

Please go to OurSpaceMusic to finish reading this review.

Dress Ideas Any Woman Can Always Use

Dresses2Wear Has a Few Hot Dresses you will like

If you are looking for dress ideas for the holiday, Dresses2Wear has a few ones you can look at. These are dresses I would not mind wearing for any gala or formal church or end-of-the year ceremony.

To find more dress ideas, visit

Hot 2005 Oscar Gowns and Dresses

Cate Blanchett reached down to Valentino who designed her gold silk gown. She turned heads on the red carpet last night. She won as a supporting actress and a good choice of dress selector.

Most fashion observers cheered for Kate Winslet and Natalie Portman, the Israeli-born actress who was discovered in New York. Kate wore a jewel-encrusted Bagdley Mischka frock. Both of these leading ladies wore greek-inspired gowns.

Great that Hilary Swank got the “Best Actress” award for Million Dollar Baby! Her long –sleeved, backless dress was designed by Guy Laroche. The dress was a nice sapphire blue that accentuates the curvilinear assets of the actress. Read the rest of the article at California's Hot PromDresses.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Three Dresses That Could be your next Prom or Quincenera Dresses. How about your formal?

Find Elegant Evening, Silk & Cocktail Dresses Reviews

Friday, October 28, 2005

Quinceanera is the Young Latina’s Rite of Passage: Lots of Celebration, Fun, Foods and Dancing.

If the Jews have Bat Mitzvah for girls reaching 12 years and one day, the Caucasians/English have debutante balls for girls of marriageable age (16-18), the Filipinos have debut (for Filipinas age 18), the Koreans have Gwallye for girls and boys 15 to 20 years, the Hispanics have Quinceanera, but every group lavishly celebrates and knows prom as the rite of passage in high school.

As in cumpleanera, we have quinceanera to refer to the latina woman’s celebration of her fifteenth birthday. It’s a transition from childhood to the womanhood of the quinceanera.

Even when Hispanic/Latino parents leave the motherland, they are still attached to its tradition. One of these traditions they celebrate on their daughter’s 15th birthday is called Quinceanera. A part of them that follows them everywhere, this celebration marks a cultural bond. It’s a special occasion for any Hispanic girls. They get to invite lots of friends to their parties. It’s more than a birthday party in that they get to wear fancier clothes, dance and share foods and beverages with their friends and family friends.

Continue to read this article at Allpromdresses Network

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thanks for the invitation

I don't know whether I have the courage to blog here again after I lost everything that was associated with

I am concentrating on something else at

I hope to contribute something about prom dresses here, but mostly, I will be posting on my own sites.

Thanks for telling your friends about all of my losses here. I hope we can have fun again. I don't know why all of my blogs hosted by blogger got yanked.

Thanks for the invites. I don't want to create something that I have no control over.

I don't know whether blogger and blogspot were experiencing technical problems or not. But I could not find any of my writings.

By the way, I like all your poems posted at

I will put it as a link here.

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